Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ready or not, Christmas is coming!

And I'm getting pretty ready!

I started playing Christmas music yesterday in the tea room in LoneStar Antique Mall (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX).

And soon I will have LOTS of my own Christmas CDs for sale!!!! (I have a few now.)
They're 'Public Domain'... which means I didn't have to pay to record each one ... and that means they're OLD.... well, I play them in an antique mall, so it is appropriate they're antique songs! 
I put up a few in Mother's and my booth...
and will get more soon!

I also put some on the tea room piano...

And Myra B. and Kathy F. C., ... I will send you one (or more). Let me know your address... and you will have one... well, for a price.  My husband has told me that I can't just give them away.  We need to eat, you know.  (You can FB message me your address.  They're $14 which includes postage. You can make out your check to me, Nancy Carmack.)   (Thanks for your encouragement!)

Anyway, I'm excited.


In other news, my great niece Caroline (who will be 9 Dec. 28th) got to help lead worship at First Baptist Church, Grapevine recently!
Here's a picture....
That's Caroline on the left. 
Isn't that wonderful?!

In other news, little Nell, my granddaughter, likes to wear her Halloween costume often!!!
Here she is the other night.
She wanted to be Princess Leia for supper time.

 Here she is on her 2nd birthday, November 11....

And here is her cousin Caroline near her 2nd birthday in 2008...
So yes, they do look a like.
And now that sweet little girl eating that biscuit beside Bear
is leading in worship at FBC Grapevine.

I'll show you that picture again...
I love it.

It's a great life.
Yes, there is awfulness in the world... but there is also wonderfulness.

Here are three pictures of an example of the wonderfulness...

That's Nell's little brother, Liam.
Here he is with his dad (my son)..
Isn't that sweet?!

I have a poll up (upper right) that needs some more votes!


sara [at] journey of doing said...

WOW. Caroline leading worship and soon turning 9! That seems beyond belief! Life goes so fast.

Nancy said...

Yes, Sara. Life is rushing by. Zooooooom!!!!

Anonymous said...

That Princess Leia just makes me smile!!
Well, that precious baby boy does, too!!!
Lots to smile about in this post!! :-)

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