Saturday, November 7, 2015

Who Are You???

I did a search on 'who are you' images and liked this one.
(It's my blog.)

Recently I've come across two articles/essays that I really love.
The more I think of them the more I love them 

They remind me of who I am.

Yes, of course, that might remind some of you of The Who's "Who Are You?"
We really liked that as the opening song of CSI....

The first article/essay I love - in this theme - is Tim Keller's "Why Your Christian Identity Should Supercede All Others". 

I really know that my Christian identity should supercede all others, but somehow I forget.
Yeah.  I admit.
I sometimes identify myself as an older lady who is an American, and a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, aunt, friend, etc.  ... and a Christian.

But Keller reminds me that Christian should supercede all other identities.

And he's right!!!!

And there's this article/essay on rejection... by Andrea Lucado (daughter of Max Lucado)...
Now Andrea is much younger than I... but somehow her essay resonated with me. 

So when I embrace my identity... though I don't understand it all (I'm just human) ... I am free.
Free to be me... which is Christ's... which means I don't have to follow a bunch of rules... and I don't have to know how to pray perfectly, etc.,... and well, I can just BE.


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