Thursday, December 3, 2015

A post about wonderfulness... and randomness...

This post goes in all directions. (Like I do sometimes.)
Last Sunday I heard a great sermon by a great man of God...
That's Michael Hatcher preaching at Bear Valley Community Church.
Michael is the Lighthouse pastor (which is part of Bear Valley.)
He is super.

 Before I heard him (in the second service), I did my ESL (English as a Second Language) class with Velia...
To my left are Carlos and Luz from Colombia,
and to Velia's left are Fabian and Fermin from the south part of Mexico.
We have other students (like from India, and Egypt) but they didn't come that super cold morning.
(I understood.)

Anyway, Velia Buchanan is a wonderful person.
She's been coming to Bear Valley since right after it started in 1992!
And did you know that we're twins?
(Well, we both have (I had) an identical twin!)
So you could say we're twins... because we are!
(Velia's twin's name is Viva.
My twin's Peggy Jean - to my Nancy Jane).
(Velia is from Delaware, so she and Viva didn't get southern names.)

So now you know that!

In other completely different news, Sam and I watched MILLION DOLLAR ARM the other night... and loved it!  It's based on a true story... and it is a great story...

On a totally different note, I've decided to never buy chalk markers again. They write really well, but they are hard to erase! Basic chalk is my chalk of choice.  So now I know. 


In other news, Legos are the rage still.  Ah, but they can hurt bare feet.
Ah, but there is a solution!
Of course, other slippers or shoes you already have work, too!

Speaking of Legos, here are some ideas for all you Lego lovers out there, and for those who love those Lego lovers out there...
I guess there are Lego conventions out there somewhere?
That looks like a fun bed!
(And you won't roll out onto the floor.)
Yes, that is a cake!


A final bit of randomness is this wonderful picture of my grandson...
His mom's caption on Facebook was...
"Liam says, 'check out our tree, yo'"

He is so brilliant already.

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