Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015, Part 2!

These pictures are of Christmas morning... when we had a super deluxe Christmas breakfast, made by the men!!!

We had 18 in our apartment!  (That included Shiloh-pup.)

Here we go .... with no captions... I'm too tired to add captions. (These pictures are basically in the order they were taken.... except for the very last one...which I forgot to include earlier... but I like it so much I tagged it on at the end.)

That's Ryan on the right, with his brother Zach and little sis Victoria!
That's my dear mother with her 5 great grandchildren.

And this last one gives you a feel of what was going on in our apartment at one time ....

It was a great day!!!

And I love the memories it made!!!

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