Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's A Wonderful LIfe.... and a Small World After All!!

I know it's not a wonderful life all over the world....
Lots of awfulness is about.

But there is also a lot of wonderfulness about.

Like today!

I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office (for routine checkup)... and lo and behold... there was Pearl Garza Fraccia from Mission!!!  (She and her husband now live in Plano.)
Of course a selfie was in order.... (though I've heard it called a 'wefie' when it's more than one person)...

She had seen me come in and looked me up on Facebook to see if I was indeed who she thought I was... and I was!
That's one of the great things about Facebook... Pearl and I didn't hang out together in high school (she was a grade ahead of me), but we got to be friends on FB!    Otherwise, we would have been at the same place (in Plano,TX) at the same time (Tuesday morning, Dec. 15) and not known a fellow Missionite was a few feet away!!!
So we got to connect face to face!!!

One great thing Pearl has done on Facebook - that lots of Mission folks have enjoyed  - is adding this to the Remember Mission, TX when ...

On Sept. 13 she posted that picture, asking this, "Now that school has started again, who was YOUR all-time favorite teacher in Mission schools?"
And Mission folks are adding to that even to this very day, as in TODAY!  (There was a post this morning!)

If you're not from Mission, but from somewhere else (of course), you could ask that question from your hometown folks, if it's not already asked on FB.  It's so fun to see what people say... and it is great to remember such good people, as our former teachers.  

So this morning was fun... even at a doctor's office.


Speaking of fun, for a late breakfast/early lunch Sam and I went to Bacon's on Hwy 26 in Hurst.  It is now in a new location (on the west side of the road) and much bigger.  And it is YUM!  I had the Texas Classic: (I'll copy and paste the description.) Two eggs your way, a jalapeno and cheddar link sausage, hash browns and toast or biscuit.   $6.99   
I'd highly recommend that... if you like really spicy link sausage.

I thought by the time I got to be this old I wouldn't be able to eat really spicy food.
Well, so far so good (and spicy).


I hope this holiday season is being good for you.

Along that line, here's a cartoon I like...

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