Thursday, December 17, 2015

I've had friends that were nuts...

... but I've never before had a friend that cooked specialty nuts.

That's Debbie on the right, and her helper on the left.
Look at the container of nuts in front of them.
Each is delicious.
And they let you pick which one you'd like to sample.
I picked the pecan.
Super YUM.

Here's how they 'cook' them (kinda)...
They do it all in the food court of NorthEast Mall in Hurst!!

I bought some Texan 'tins' for some folks ... and filled them with all three of the nuts.

They're divided into three sections.
(The nuts go inside.)

Here are Debbie and I holding one of the tins of nuts...
And you can see some little tins behind us that you can fill with nuts, too.
(They make great gifts.)
(Well, I would want one.)
(hint hint)

So who is Debbie and how do I know her?!

Well, she is one special lady.

Ten years ago I started playing background music
in the LoneStar Antiques Mall tea room (Simpliciteas Tea Room).

There was this pretty, sweet blonde lady that would come for lunch.
She would sit and read a book and eat.

And she would put a tip in my tip jar.

And she told me I was refreshing her crazy day.
I was a 'balm' for her.
I was relaxing her.
I was just what she needed, to 'breathe'.

(She said all of those things at one time or another.)

And she's been coming into the tea room ever since...
encouraging me...
and inspiring me...
and prompting me to grow in my faith. 

And she has become my dear friend.

And she sells delicious nuts in NorthEast Mall.
If you live in NorthEast Tarrant County,
go by the mall,
and get some nuts,
and tell Debbie a hearty THANK YOU...
for encouraging Nancy.
for encouraging everyone else
with whom she comes in contact.

Debbie is one dear lady!

In other news, this time next week is Christmas.

Time is flying too fast.

It goes faster the older I get.


Soon I'll give a review on the new STAR WARS movie.
It will be a "hearsay review"...
as I'm getting to babysit my two grandchildren...
as their parents - who will tell me their review - 
are going to watch it!!!!

Can't wait!!!!
I have a poll up...
Thanks for voting.

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