Sunday, January 24, 2016

Caroline and I ...

This past year I gave my great nieces and great nephew a shopping trip for their birthday, where they could pick out just what they wanted (within limits) and we could have some good one-on-one time together.

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Caroline's birthday is December 28th, which meant our shopping trip had to come in this new year.
So recently we went... shopping!!!

Her little brother and sister wanted toys and so Toys R Us was the place to go with them.

Caroline, though, is growing out of her love for toys ... and into her love for clothes!
And well, I didn't listen well to the instructions her mother gave us as to how to get to a certain store in Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall... and if you've been to that mall, you know it may take time...
so, long story short, it took two trips to get her gift!

We just got a cookie sandwich on the first trip....
She was really eating without any mess.  Ah, but for the picture, let's have mess/fun!

And afterwards, her mom took this picture of us.
I love that picture.

And that picture made me think of this picture, which I also love....
(That was taken in Oct. 2009.)

Well, last week Caroline and I went back to Grapevine Mills (after the cookie eating)
and shopped at JUSTICE.

After buying pajamas and shoes in the back sales room...
we had to ride the Carousel...
(I was riding it, too.)

So we had a super time together.
Caroline, though, was concerned about something:
she was nine years old,
but she still felt as if she were eight years old.
She wanted to feel nine years old
and it wasn't happening!

I tried to reassure her...
but my saying that I still felt 63 when I am really now 64
didn't seem to help her much.

I hope she feels nine soon...
before she gets to be ten.

But then, I actually still feel 35.

(I do not mean to diminish her feelings,
by my trying to be 'cute'.)

I better go now.
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sara [at] journey of doing said...

I can't believe she's 9. These birthday trips (and photos!) are so very special. I love that you do this. 💙

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