Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Don't hate me because I'm getting some solitude.

Years ago there was this shampoo commercial where the beautiful model says,
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

Turns out it was a Pantene ad in 1980 -

Well, I thought, 'she must think she's beautiful.'
And of course she was.

That was a little braggadocious, I thought.

'Course she was advertising a Pantene shampoo ...
that could make us all beautiful.


now I'm on kind of a mini-retreat.
Alone time.
Just me, myself and I time.

I know some of you - with small children - or with demanding jobs that require your every free minute -
well, you might envy me.

I've gotten away.

Well, I've just gotten away one day early before some business meetings...

And I am loving it.

You see, I'm basically an introvert.

Oh, I can be the life of the party...
but after the party I have to go back into my girl-cave and 'regroup', 'recupe', get 're-energized.'

I really think my twin was just the opposite.

Thanks to her, I went to parties ... and had fun.
Then I'd have to go home and be a 'homebody' for a while.
I'd have to 'debrief'.

She didn't need to, I don't think.

And that was her 'spark'.

Ah, but I have come to terms with my need for solitude.

There's even a site about INFJ's (in the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory thing).
Well, there are several, but my favorite so far is THIS.

 Why do I tell you this?

I don't know.

It's my blog.

I tell you stuff.

Here are some cartoons I like about that...

That's Sam and I.

Oh, I'm not a COMPLETE die-hard introvert....
but I am enough of one that I like those cartoons up there,
and the messages they send. 

Oh yes.

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