Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Favorite people, and favorite things, etc., ...

Here's a fine young man...
That is SWC VII.
We call him 'Liam'.
He's not yet 3 months old, but doesn't he already look wise?
Well, he's a Carmack!

And here's what I got to do with him recently ...
Holding him is beyond precious.

(Clearly I'm not getting any younger.
Ah, but neither is Liam...
or you, by the way.)

On a totally different note, here are some pictures of Oregon... when it snowed...
Laura and Ryan and some friends are snow-shoeing.
And their beautiful Akon enjoyed the snow.

Here's Laura and Ryan's house a while back when it snowed ...
That house was built in 1914!
I'm looking forward to staying there soon.
(We visited them a year ago and stayed in their rent house...
this house they own!)

One reason I'm glad Laura and Ryan moved to Oregon is this book...
The back cover says the following...

Anyway, it is a GREAT book, and I wouldn't have known anything about it (or the church they go to) if they hadn't moved to Portland.  So I'm glad they're in Portland (for now).

Here is a bookmark Laura made, that was included in the gift of that above book (that Ryan gave me (he drew my name)).
That's my favorite bookmark in all the world.

On a different note, Laura and Ryan gave me some pajamas for my birthday.  
They mailed them to me, so I wanted to take a picture to text them
so they could see how great I look in those p.j.s.
My iPhone cover matches the jammies.
(The iPhone cover is of Laura's art.)

Oh, and I like the lizard on the wall behind me.
(I got it at Hobby Lobby for half price...
and who doesn't want a fake lizard on her wall?)

In other birthday gift news, my niece Elizabeth gave me this...
This past Sunday afternoon I did that.
I put my feet in booties with some gel in them, for an hour...
and in a few days (maybe a week)
I should be getting some dead skin off of my feet-bottoms.
Elizabeth has done it - and loved the results...
so stay tuned... to see my feet-bottoms... or not.
(It's great having a blog.)

I'll close with this ...
Well, she doesn't look like a grandmother,
but she talks like one.
 That's it.

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Laura said...

Glad youre enjoying the book! Cant wait to show you our new home in person :)

Here's who you need to know...

My nephew-in-law ... he is the amazing John Huffman. And he is running for Mayor of Southlake, TX!!    John is married to my dear twin Pegg...