Sunday, January 17, 2016

Grammy loves her Grand-Peeps...

Here I am with Nell and Liam...

I am the grandmother in that picture!!!
I am the HAPPY grandmother!!!
Liam is thinking, "Yes, Grammy just keeps smiling.
She must love holding me."

And he would be right!

I went over to their house last night...
and had fun with my grandchildren!

Oh, and I got a birthday bag of goodies!

So now my new favorite food is...
Have you had cookie butter?!
I ate some with a spoon for part of my breakfast this morning.
(I'm still smiling.)

I have more to tell you... but I'll save it for other blog posts.

I'll just go back and look at those three pictures at the top of this post.

Who knew I would love being a grandmother so much!?!
(Well, who knew I would have such wonderful grandchildren?!?)

I'll close with some grandmother signs...

I have a poll up (upper right). 
Please vote if you can. 

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