Friday, January 8, 2016

Thoughts on my birthday day ...

Yesterday I turned 64.
I don't feel like I turned 64... but the mirror reminds me that, yes you did!.. whether you like it or not!!

(And thank you, Facebook friends, for making it a super-fantastic day!!!)

Many years ago... for several years, my birthday was a weird day for me.
I was happy and sad.
Mainly sad.
Then the years went by and I got more happy on my birthday.

Yesterday I was happy, yet still had a twinge of sadness.

You see, I'm a twin.  Well, since 1989 I've been classified as a 'twinless twin'.  (I learned that term one day and it seemed to fit.)

My twin and I were born on the same day - January 7, 1952.

Here's a picture I love...
The bride is my dear Aunt Helen Ruth, as we lovingly call her.

So each year I go on without Peggy Jean (I'm Nancy Jane).

We used to tell each other everything. Every thought in our head.
She'd tell me (and I her) when I had too much blush on my cheeks. (You know, the major stuff.)

I've been slowly - very slowly - more off than on - working on a book about being a twin.
Well, this is the year it's going to be done.... because I need to finish it. I need to for me, myself and I.
I've had my mother proof it, then my dear brother-in-law Ken do a major proof of it, and then my dear writer-friend Beth just finished a critique- helping me maybe make it better.    And I'm having my twin's daughter, Elizabeth, write an epilogue.  So it's happening.  YES! 
I'll keep you posted. 

You'd think with the length of time I've been promising to finish it that it must be about 700 pages long.  Nope.  Barely 75.
Note to self: let go of perfectionism.  LET IT GO, I SAY!!!

In closing here are some pics that I will probably put in the book.

Now that picture is major.
We were duchesses!!!
When I've told nonMissionites what we were duchesses of,
well, they've laughed out loud.
So I guess being a Duchess of Ruby Red Grapefruit does sound funny.
And Peggy was the Duchess of March Seedless Grapefruit.
That used to never sound weird... only wonderful...
until I told a nonMissionite.
Ha. Grapefruit duchesses!
Yes, that could be considered out of the box (but not my box).
(I'm just glad Mission had 2 duchesses, so we could BOTH be one!)
What a thrill.
Then a few years later...

So now I have gray hair, and wrinkles... and getting more and more.
And I miss her.
I think of her everyday... and dream about her a lot.

Recently I found something on Facebook a few times - I can't remember who all posted it, but I LOVE it.
Especially the last part... the 'new definition of self' part.
It's not about losing a twin... but about losing any loved one....
and it is great.
Here it is.

Isn't that good?


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laura said...

Got teary reading that! Love you!

Melissa said...

Always admired you both when we were growing up. Poise, grace and beauty, inside and out. (And could sing too.)

Wendy said...

Nancy I love seeing these pictures of you and Peggy.... brings back such good memories! We started out in third grade together when we were all new to Mission and they put us all in the same class. I loved you both and thought you were just the best! So how did we get to 64 so fast??

Nancy said...

Wendy, Peggy and I always adored you. You were always so upbeat. We loved going to your home - that darling pink house. It just seemed like love was there.
And yes, how did we get to 64 so fast?
Ah, but thanks to Facebook, we can be in touch after all those years!!!

And Melissa, thanks for those words! (I always felt like you were almost family.)

And Laura, I love you so much... and thank you for sharing this post on FB, too.


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