Friday, February 5, 2016

Don't tell me what to think!!!!

Don't tell me I should just be okay with vulgarities.

Don't tell me I should be okay with insults.

Don't be sidetracked that this guy has an 'R' by his name.
I'm thinking of becoming an Independent.

Don't tell me to be okay with someone who wants to be President who is married to someone who has been AMAZINGLY UNFAITHFUL.  ('Amazingly' is a nice way to say 'vulgarily.')

'Vulgarities' is something I never knew would be part of a presidential campaign... like the 'f' word... and the 's' word.

And Socialism?  Bernie Sanders seems like a great guy.  Honest. Trustworthy. But who will pay for the free college... and the free everything?!?  Seriously. 
I've lived in a country where the government pays for hospitalization.  It can be terrible... though trying to be helpful.... BUT TERRIBLE.

Don't tell me what to think...
... especially when I have yet to know what to think.

And DO NOT quote Bible verses to get me to vote for you.

If my husband were running for President, I would vote for him.

Right now I'm am embarrassed by Trump... and Cruz... and Clinton... and even Sanders (bless his heart - who won't wear a tuxedo to his whatever.) (He's such an idealist, especially for his age.)

It is a craziness that is going on now.

Clinton is a liar; Sanders is a person with rose-colored glasses; Cruz is a manipulative whatever; Trump is a buffoon....

The others - I don't know.

I don't know.
Well, they're not taken seriously... and I wish they would be.

I am tired of all this... and may not watch or listen to the news for a while.
I am weary.


(I needed to vent.)

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