Saturday, February 27, 2016

I have become my Grandmother Jennie...

... but you can call me Grammy.

Here are my grandchildren...
I know. It looks like Nell is kissing a baby doll, but that's her sweet little brother.

And here are my twin Peggy's grandchildren...
They're watching "Water Babies Silly Symphony"
that their mother and their Uncle Cap watched when they were little.
(My kids, Will and Laura, did, too.)
(I took that picture just last night - 2/26/16.)

I can remember my little Grandmother Jennie (4 ft 11 - size 4 shoe) looking at the television set, with a cup towel in her hand after drying dishes in the kitchen, shaking her head - at what was on TV.  I think it might have been an episode of "Laugh In" that made her shake her head and say something like "What is the world coming to?"

Grandmother Jennie was very Southern Baptist. She was against a lot of things. We didn't even tell her when we took ballet lessons because those lessons involved dancing. But she was dear. And she prayed for me and Peggy and my cousins and everybody else she knew every single day, after she read her Daily Bible Reading.
And my parents did, too. They were more grace-giving when it came to dancing, but I do believe my Grandmother Jennie - and my dad, and my Great Aunt Janie- would be horrified at what is happening now.  My mother and I and Hubby for sure are.

We have a Republican presidential candidate who is neither decent nor dignified. And he is surging in the polls.
And in the Democratic party we have a candidate who is considered a 'lady' but who is a liar (yes I said that). And the other candidate is a super socialist (often called a Communist).  Younger folks like socialists. They think of the Scandinavian countries (wonderful countries).  We Baby Boomers think of the Soviet Union and all those dreary days when folks towed the communist/socialist line without happy faces. (We've been to Russia and have heard that the old folks there (like my age) feel they (still) have to not look happy in public, and certainly not look lazy. They had to tow the line - just to be 'equal'.)

Anyway, my little grandkids, and great nieces and nephews are growing up in a country where men and women may share the same bathrooms. (Announcing that you're 'Transgender' is more lauded than announcing you've become a Christian.)

And where profanity is used as often as the word 'VERY'.

And where 'Global Warming' is considered 'correct', where as Global Climate Change is considered neutral... and I like neutral !!!  (Of course the climate is changing!)

So I'm getting political.



(I wish I could show you a picture of my daddy's little mother, my Grandmother Jennie. I have pictures but they're in (climate-controlled) storage.)

That's it.

Don't forget to VOTE!!!

Love, Grammy.

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