Friday, February 19, 2016

Let them eat cake!

(I couldn't resist putting that title up there, "Let them eat cake".)

One cake looks bigger than the other, and one girl looks bigger than the other.
It's just the angle of the camera.
The cakes and the girls were 'equal' in size.
(And wasn't that nice that we each had our own cake!?!)
(My folks knew how to parent twins.)
So now the post...

The title for this post originally was “I will finish what I started"…. so now let’s go with that title,


I had wished a Mission (my home town) friend 'Happy Birthday' recently and in her comment to my birthday salutations, Cyndi said she was looking forward to reading my book about Peggy and me.

Sometimes you just need a comment like that - a nudge, without meaning to be a nudge - to prompt you to get back at it.


Actually I had been working on my twin-book last fall, but then set it aside... and well, used every excuse in the book to keep from finishing it....
"It's not perfect, it will never be perfect. I want perfect... so forgetaboutit!"
"I have other urgent stuff to do."
"I don't have to do anything. I'm in my 60's - I get a pass on not finishing stuff."
"It was helpful for me to work on it - now I'm on to other stuff."

None of those - or other - excuses would keep me at peace.
So I'm going to do what it takes to finish it.

And I would like to thank two people for helping so much so far.

The first is my dear brother-in-law, Ken, who did a meticulous proofread... and found some errors that I couldn't believe I - or others- had not seen. THANK YOU, KEN!!!

Here's Ken with his wife Pat, Sam's beautiful sister.
Ken and Pat are some of our very best friends.
(It's so nice when relatives can be best friends.)

And there's Beth, my dear, dear friend. She did a critique, helping me better tell my story... and gave me amazing insight in how to really let Cap and Elizabeth know their mother.
Here's Beth...
I think that's a classy picture.

There are other people... like Elizabeth who is working on an Epilogue, and of course my mother, who helped with facts and proofreading.

The thing is - I need to finish it.
It doesn't have to be perfect... though Ken and Beth helped with that.
But still... it is so easy to let every other little thing in life take precedence because every other little thing is easier to deal with than finishing a mammoth (and emotional) project.

So I'm blogging here to say I'm back on track for now.

I'll let YOU hold me accountable.

Oh, and you can click HERE for a good article entitled "The Importance of Finishing What You Start."
That also helped me get back on track - besides Cyndi's comment.

By the way, here's Cyndi....

Thanks, friend.
I needed that nudge!

The three pictures of these people on this post are all Facebook profile pictures that I helped myself to. I figured they were up for grabs, right?

Anyway, by blogging this - I'm committing to finishing what I started...
and then I'll eat some cake!!!

I say I'll finish what I started - but then there's wonderful Sam who will also edit it, then set it in a format - with margins and chapter format, and set it up on 'create space'... etc.
So it will TAKE TIME.

I'm just finishing MY PART!

And then I will eat cake.


Pat said...

Good for you, Nancy. Eating cake while you work may help.

Cheryl said...

I'm not going to read the article on finishing what you started just yet ... guess I want to procrastinate a while longer:)
I love your blogs and the way you write - I agree with Pat, that the cake eating is certainly beneficial!

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