Thursday, March 31, 2016


I flew back late yesterday afternoon. Glad to be back... BUT SO GLAD I WENT!!!!!!!
(I spent a whole week with Laura and Ryan in Portland, Oregon.)

That is really a driving map,
but you get the idea.

I could NOT have had a better time... even if we'd found a hundred dollar bill on the Oregon coast!

It was a perfect time to be there.
Trees were budding, flowers were blooming... and the sun was shining a lot!

Here's a picture I took of a flowering Magnolia-type tree on Mt. Tabor...
I had told Ryan and Laura to go stand by that beautiful tree and "I'll take your picture".
I had forgotten to say, "Go stand there, FACING ME, and I'll take your picture."

But look what Laura captured...

Then Ryan took this picture...
I love that picture.

The next morning Laura and I had breakfast with Clint and Liz Parker...
That is Liz JACKSON Parker!!!
She and Laura were buddies since way back.
And they're both living in Portland now!
How great is that?!

My last few posts have been about my visit... but they were posted when I was THERE.
Now that I'm home it all seems like a dream.  A wonderful dream.

I keep saying it: I had the most wonderful time.
And I met the most wonderful people.
And the good thing about my memory still being good is that I have all the memories in my mind, still.

My next post will be about staying seven days in an art gallery.
Yes. I did!
You'll see.

I'll close with some pictures I got from home while I was in Portland...
That's my grandson...
who was wearing a cap I got for him when he was little.

I get to babysit him tomorrow night... and his big sister.
I can't wait.

Here he is being held by his cousin Cammie (Camryn)...
with Nell and the rest of his cousins on Bailey's side...
(From left: Liam, Cammie, Luca, Nell, Macy, Enza.)

And here is my family on Easter while I was in Portland...
What thrilled me is that Sam said that little Nell kept asking, "Where is Grammy?"
(It's all about me.)

I'll close for now... but stay tuned for the art gallery slumber party -
AND some Oregon trivia on Trivia Tuesday!

(Plus I have some thoughts about Portland
and how it differs from North Richland Hills, TX.)
Yes. I always have thoughts...
about everything!)

Oh, and I have this picture from Mt. Tabor overlooking Portland...
with Ryan and Laura...
(Portland IS down there.)



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