Saturday, March 26, 2016

I didn't bring an Easter Bonnet...

... or even an Easter basket... but I am ready for an Oregon Easter!!!

Laura and I went Easter Lunch shopping at Fred Meyer Friday afternoon.
It's a grocery store that has everything.

Laura and Ryan (and I) are hosting lunch after church Sunday. Laura is cooking (baking) the ham, and other people are bringing various dishes, which are typical for Easter Sunday, like deviled eggs.

Me? I'm making the hors d'oeuvres, Texas style. That means I'll make the yummy queso (with just Velveeta cheese and Rotel tomatoes heated together) served with tortilla chips. I've never had that on Easter Sunday, but since I'm representing Texas it seemed appropriate. (And Laura didn't want me to overwork, since I'm on 'vacation'.)

The group coming is mainly from their 'Missional Community' group from their church, A Jesus Church.  It should be a fun meal together.  Laura and Ryan are opening up their house Sunday for those members that can't be with family members on Easter.

[As for my folks back home (Sam, Will, Bailey, Nell, and Liam), they're joining Mother at Parkwood for Easter Lunch. (Take pictures, y'all!)]

Thursday Laura and I had lunch with two group members/friends-like-sisters, Kylie and Esther ...
They are so fun and made me feel so welcome. 
(And I have a feeling they're going to really like my hors d'oeuvres.)

 Here we're coming home from the grocery store...
(Yes, everyone is into all kinds of recycling here in Portland.)
(This wasn't even trash day... just recycling day.)

Here's their house...
I like the shadows in that picture... of that huge tree and its branches.

Here's Laura by that huge tree...
She had just come home from a run, when I was out taking the picture of the house.

For supper we went to a yummy restaurant ....
Verde Cocina
I forgot to have the waiter take our picture.
But then, every single moment doesn't have to be 'captured' for posterity
- or the blog.

I can just BE in the moment.

And today I will BE at the beach!!


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