Monday, March 7, 2016

I like my name.

I think my name has class.
Well, of course...

I used to think my name was kind of plain and common.
Well, there were three Nancys in my class growing up: Nancy Gibson, Nancy Lane, and Nancy White. When I was called on in class I was called 'NancyWhite'. (Peggy was just called 'Peggy'.)

 Then (years later) there was the first lady.

And on occasion I was told I looked like Nancy Reagan. WHOA!!!
That was when I was younger, thinner, had short brown hair, and wore contacts.
There was never a better compliment in my opinion.
(I thought about not blogging about that ... but decided to go ahead and brag.)

She was a classy first lady.
And an inspiration to me.

Now we have a former first lady who is running for president.
I guess when you run for president you don't always look like a first lady...

Well, some of the presidential candidates these days don't look presidential period.

I thought about hunting for awful pictures of some of the candidates to make my point but there are so many I couldn't decide which to use... plus I don't need to spend my time 'there'.

Back to my name...
Have you seen the Fancy Nancy books?

 There are LOTS of those books!!!

And they inspire me!

But I am much more inspired by Nancy Reagan.
Oh, she wasn't perfect.
She had her flaws.
Thank goodness.

I'm not a fan of perfect people
(as if there were any).

No telling where my blog will take me.
This is where it took me today.

Rest In Peace,
Nancy Reagan.

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