Friday, March 25, 2016

It's time for a W.A.L.K.

Dogs these days are smarter than ever.
Fortunately, though, they can't spell yet.

Here's daughter Laura with her dogs...
My granddogs are smart.
If they're lying around and Laura and Ryan say something like,
"We better take the dogs for a walk."
They both jump up, chomping at the bit to go!!!
So Laura and Ryan spell 'walk',
so the dogs don't get too rowdy indoors. 


Here's Akon being attentive while I'm blogging...

Later Akon was staring at Ryan.
Ryan said to me, "He wants a B.O.N.E."
I don't know if he got one.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my time being with the granddogs and their folks.

Laura is working at Artistic Portland today, so I will be here with the dogs,
holding down the fort.
Ryan asked what I was going to do all day.
He seemed worried that I was going to be by myself and well, get bored.
I have 2 books I'm reading, a journal to write in, a blog post to finish,
plus FB, and all kinds of news sites to read, a nap to take...
and I have a whole day to do them!!!
I'm having my own retreat here today.
And I have a cute mug to drink my coffee in...
I really like that.

 Then tonight we'll go out to eat!!!

Sounds like the perfect day!!!

(It's okay if you're jealous.)

Tomorrow we might go to the beach!!!
(Another perfect day!!)

And the main thing: I brought the right clothes!!!

I hope you have a Good Friday.

I put up this cartoon on FB this morning,
sharing it from my Aunt Helen (Ruth)'s post.
I think it is profound...


laura said...

Glad you brought the right clothes! And that you're here :)

Nancy said...

I'm am loving being here!!

Here's who you need to know...

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