Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday's Six or Seven or Eight Bits of News...

1. My first TV crush died this month. He was 91.
He was Robert Horton from WAGON TRAIN...

And there's his autograph! (The internet has everything!)
You can click HERE for his obituary.

Yes, I had many TV crushes when I was young, but I will save the others for another day,
when I may be lacking for blog material (or they die).

2. In other news, I found out you CAN have too many exclamation points! Imagine that??!!!!!!
I was leaving a comment on Laura's blog post, and I was excited and well, I hit 'publish comment' and was immediately told it couldn't be published because there were too many exclamation points!
What??  I live by exclamation points!!!!!
Well, I deleted several. 
You can go to her blog post and see my comment, that looks anemic compared to how I had it look!!!
Here's the first picture of her post...
This may make you wonder why I had so many exclamation points.


3. In other news, I saw a cartoon that took me back to the mid 80's...
So what does this have to do with the mid 80's?
Well, we have a niece that was young back then, and liked to play 'Cinderella' at her Nana's house in Oklahoma. And through the years we'd hear Nana and Daddy-Bob talk about when they had little Marian for a week or two and how she wanted to wash the dishes and sweep the floors and wanted her Nana to tell her to work harder!!!!
She was being Cinderella!!!
What a great memory.
Well, Marian is one of these people who is so fun to be around.

Why, my next house-cleaning day I might have to call her up to visit me!


4. In other news, there was hail in Fort Worth Thursday and it killed some flamingos and ducks and a pelican at the Fort Worth Zoo.  How sad.

Here's the only picture I could find...
You can click HERE for a CBS report about it.

5. In happier news, I saw a lot of people wearing green Thursday. I only had to pinch two people. Well, there were many more to pinch, but my policy is not to pinch strangers.
6. In other news, I'm plodding along, finishing my twin book.
As I re-read the part about growing up
I keep coming back (in my mind) to this 'poster' I found a while back...
I am SO GLAD I had a twin.
How did you singletons make it through childhood, and the teen years??

7. That brings me to thinking about the part in my book about her dying.
And I think, "I am so glad I will never have to go through that again."
And she won't either.

Life is fragile.
I think, though, that if it weren't so fragile
we wouldn't appreciate it as much.


8. In totally different news,
I have decided to NOT fret about the Presidential election.
I can do nothing about it...
except pray.
And even if I don't know how to pray about it
I can say, "God, here is our country. Have at it."

That may sound flip.

It's okay.


And it is okay to have a great day today!!

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