Monday, March 21, 2016

Special Week

I was talking to my niece Elizabeth Saturday about how Christmas can be a crazy time (in good ways and bad), but Easter is not celebrated nearly as much...
and for Christians Easter is much more important. 
(Though I do like when Santa Claus comes to town.) 

And today is the start of the week that celebrates it.

I really like this picture where each day is recognized...
Isn't that great?!

(By the way Holy Week goes from Monday to Saturday actually... with Easter Sunday a special day, and not the END of Holy Week. It is the beginning of a whole new week.)

So here we are in Holy Week.
You can click HERE to read about it in all-knowing Wikipedia.

In my own life I haven't really celebrated all of Holy Week.
I will seek to be more cognizant of it beginning today.

'Course I have already been to an Easter Egg Hunt... Saturday.

Here's Nell excited...

And here's her cousin Anna helping her find some eggs...
Can you see Anna pointing?

 And here's Nana holding Nell's little brother...
Awwwwwww.  That picture gets me smiling. Mm.

Here's the whole group...
Isn't that a great picture?
And it was taken quickly. 
By that I mean that the activities director at Parkwood (Mother's retirement center) was going around and taking pictures of families. She was getting close to us, so we very, very quickly got together and she quickly snapped a photo with her camera and then reached and grabbed my iPhone and quickly took that picture.

So clearly to get a good picture with children you need to do it FAST.
Well, that worked Saturday anyway. 

(Say yes.)
In other news... I am headed to Portland, Oregon Wednesday!
I will be visiting my dear daughter and her dear husband, and their dear dogs.
I. cannot. wait. 

Sam will stay here and hold down the fort (walking the dog, etc.).

Speaking of the dog, Shiloh's full name is Shiloh Holy Week Carmack.
We got him during Holy Week about 13 years ago at the animal shelter.
He was 4 months old and described as a Husky mix

Here he is a few years ago, tired after playing outside...

Our other dog, Marco, whom many of you knew, was picked out at the same animal shelter (in North Richland Hills, TX) and we called him Marco State Fair Carmack. We named him that because we got him the day the schools were out so the students could go to the State Fair of Texas. We didn't go, we went hunting for a dog! It took all day (I need to share about that some day), but we finally found a little black four month old Cocker Spaniel mix who had a sign on his cage,
"I need a home."
And he got one - for about 14 years!

By the way, both Marco and Shiloh already had those first names when we adopted them.

Here we are with Marco years ago...
I don't know how a dog - or person - could be better than Marco.
Shiloh is good, too.
And soon I'll see my granddogs... and they're good, too.

Well, I'm getting mushy.
I better go.

Stay tuned for pictures of my granddogs in Portland...
and other special people.

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Laura said...

Aw, Marco! He was such a great buddy. And looked like you guys had fun hunting eggs! See you soooooon :)

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