Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday's 'Thoroughly Thorough Wonderfulness'...

Liam's Great Uncle Ken and Great Aunt Pat came to visit Tuesday....
You can basically see Liam's beautiful Carmack head...which is known for being bigger than average, which means he's smarter than your average Bear. (He may go to Baylor - if he wants.)

Here I am with him last week ...
Does he not look wonderful, and smart?
And I get to be his 'Grammy'!!!!

I feel I must put this next 'poster' up...
since it's true...

Well, I can't show you Liam without showing you his big sister Penelope (Nell)...
We met at TCBY (That Can't Be Yogurt) Tuesday night. 
It makes a great supper!!!

When I was saying goodbye to Nell the other night,
she yelled out, "Go see Daddy Pap"!!!!

And then Bailey (Nell's mom) told me
that when she (Bailey) tells Nell good night every night,
Nell says, "Nigh Nigh, Mommy... Go see Daddy!"

This business of being a grandparent is AMAZING.

I'm sorry if you aren't one.

I am just so glad I am one.

I didn't think it would be so great!!!!!

If you aren't a grandparent,
you can be a significant person in many folks' lives...
like your nieces and nephews...
and/or your neighbors...
anybody anywhere.

I was walking our dog Shiloh yesterday morning,
and I saw a young lady going to her car.
She looked kind of 'down'.
I said, "Good Morning!"
She looked up,
and lit up,
and gave me a super big smile,
with a hearty
"Good Morning to YOU!"

That felt so good...
for me...
and I think for her.

Don't be afraid to be friendly.
Friendliness is usually SO WELCOME...
 and safe. 

Have a good rest-of-the-week!!!

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Pat said...

It was great to see you all and to finally meet Nell and Liam. They are both precious!

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