Monday, April 4, 2016

I spent a whole week in an art gallery!

I went to Portland, Oregon and stayed with my daughter and son-in-law.
And there was beautiful art all over their house.  Inside and out.

I meant to get the story behind most of the art pieces, but I'll have to do that the next visit.

Here I'll just randomly show you some of their art ...

Laura drew this for Ryan, since he was amazed at all the baboons he saw in Ethiopia,
when he was there on a medical mission trip.

That is just some of their indoor art.

Here's looking out their back window...

Here are some beauties in their front yard...
Ryan texted me that picture yesterday.
(I took all of the other pictures.)

And here's some art we ate Sunday morning before we went to the Easter service...
Those are banana chocolate chip pancakes.

All of those pictures were taken inside, or right outside, Laura and Ryan's house.

I loved just walking around their house.

Finally, here's a good quote...

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