Thursday, April 28, 2016


... TOLERANCE is the thing. Tolerance is what is espoused these days. Whether you like it or not... you need to TOLERATE whatever it is.


Like men in women's bathrooms. Well, the men need to be dressed as women for us to be tolerant. but we need to be tolerant of them.  Or we are INTOLERANT.  Heaven forbid.

I'm thinking we're living in a crazy world.

I want to be politically correct, so as not to be ridiculed.

I know: transgender people are very few.
Frankly, I think they're going to be more and more.
I mean...
... if that is an option, more people are going to think of that option as an option, right?


Let's get positive...
I know some gay people.
They are sensitive and loving.
In fact, offhand, I can't think of any gay people I know that are not sensitive and loving...
... but the folks that I know that are straight are ALSO sensitive and loving.

I can think of maybe one straight person I know who is intolerant. And he is a jerk.

I say that to say that 'LOVING' is the way to be.

So I'm loving (I hope).

But I want to go on record as being CAREFUL.

I will NOT boycott TARGET.  I really like TARGET.
I think it will be okay for me to use its restroom...
but I don't think I may let my great nieces and granddaughter go in there alone.





Linton Stables said...

As one of the gay people you know, I really appreciate your comments and I think you are right on target (so to speak). I believe, though, that your grand nieces and granddaughters have little to fear from transgender women (who are not necessarily gay, BTW) in public restrooms.

Anonymous said...

I don't think kids should go into public bathrooms alone anyway. Not because of transgenders, but because our world is not a safe place! Be loving...and be smart!

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