Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Twenty-seven years ago this morning ....

... my dear twin - and best friend forever - died...

That's her and Daddy's gravesites in the Colfax cemetery in east Texas.
That picture was taken some five years ago, on one of our many treks there.
That's little Anna with Elizabeth.

Here's a few years earlier...
That's Caroline and Andrew with their mommy and Nana,
visiting Grandma Peggy's grave.

Here Peggy is sitting in front of the Christmas stockings she made ...

It's hard to believe but I am now one year older than my dear parents were when their dear daughter Peggy died those many years ago. I cannot begin to imagine losing a child. (And I've read that losing an adult child is one of the worst sorrows a person can have.)

But I do know about losing a twin, and I can now say - in past tense - that I wrote a book about that.

SO YES. The book is done!   !!!!
It's about our growing up - and then her cancer and death, and the few years afterward, and how she is still very present in my life. And it is (was) written mainly for her children Cap and Elizabeth and her grandchildren... and it was written for me, and my children and grandchildren, too.

(Well, my part is done. Now we just have to get it published. We'll make it an eBook, which won't be too hard (Sam tells me) and also a paperback (more work).  Anyway, I am saying "Thank you, Lord, for letting me get through it."
It was healing for me... and hopefully will be for others.

As I was thinking about writing this post I was reminded of what she said to me one time, when she was in the ravages of chemo. She said, "Nancy, I am so sorry you're having to go through this."

I said, "What?! Peggy, you're the one with this awful cancer."
"Yeah," she said, "but if you were the one with the cancer I would be a basket case."

That was Peggy.

And she will always be my Best Friend Forever.

I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures of her ...
Reading to Cap.
Being with Elizabeth.

And this next picture shows her years earlier multi-tasking...
She would laugh that I put that up.
(I couldn't resist.)

I miss you, Peggy...
but I'm so glad I'm still your twin.

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