Saturday, April 23, 2016

We are now living in some rustic woods...

... and it's cozy here.

And the neighborhood is called RUSTIC WOODS!

That's a picture I took looking out our new back yard.

Yes, there are lots of trees... and I can sit outside under a canopy-thing and hear the birds singing, while petting Shiloh.  He particularly likes having his back scratched. We're alike that way.

Yes, I actually took a picture of me scratching Shiloh's back!

No, we don't live in a log cabin, as you might think, since it's called Rustic Woods.

Well, we lived 7 years in Woodland Hills, and really, there were no hills, but I guess some woods.
Then we lived 14 years in Brook Meadows, and I don't remember seeing a meadow with a brook in it.

Ah, but there are trees here, and a nice (and low maintenance) yard.

Did you know that just this week there was an article about living near nature and how good it is for you. It's "Living Near Nature Linked to Longer Lives."

And we are getting settled... not as fast as I would like, but we only moved here Tuesday, so I need patience.  And I need it NOW!

Ah, but it feels good to be closer to family.
Why, we're just a very few minutes from TEXAS ROADHOUSE, where we met Will, Bailey, Nell and Liam for dinner Wednesday night ...
They were sitting opposite Sam and me, though sometimes little Liam was in his car seat right beside me,
or in my lap, where I love him to be.

So Nell and Liam are our grandchildren living in Texas... 
but we also have a grandchild living in Oregon!
That's 'Baby Maxwell'!
He's due October 21, which happens to be the birthday of Peggy's and my best friend all through our childhood/teenage years. She's Diane Williams Thalman (I'll blog about her soon - since her birthday is on my mind!)
Most babies don't come right on their due date, but I'm hoping Baby Maxwell will!!!

Anyway, we're now in this phase of our life: being grandparents, and settling into our house that I am calling our 'retirement home'. Well, this is the first time I've used that term. I may not use it again. It makes me feel like I ought to have a walker, or at least a cane.

That kind of makes me think of a cartoon I saw recently - that I like ...

I'll end on that lovely.

I hope you're having a great weekend.

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