Saturday, May 7, 2016

Being a mother...

... can be daunting... don't you think?!

Here I am trying to make a peace sign at Halloween...

Good grief.
Who can't make a peace sign?
(I guess me.)

Oh well.
I tried.

(Would that making a proper peace sign be the most daunting part of mothering.)

And here I turned 50 (years ago) with a surprise birthday party... 
I still felt like a 'girl' there...
but I had older children...
and well,
I still felt like a 'girl'.

And here I was at nephew Rob's wedding with my two children.
They were children still, right?
Well, I did not feel like the mother of grown-ups.

So is that the way with being a mother?
 You still feel like a 'girl'?

I'm thinking that is right.

And I am liking - and affirming - that feeling.


And so now I am a grandmother.


And I am liking that I am still me...
as a grandmother...
Note to self: put on makeup the next time you know a picture is going to be taken!

I guess I had thought by this age I would feel decrepit...
but I don't!!!

I'm still ME!!!

Older, of course.

But still ME.

And I think of my own mother,
as I celebrate this Mother's Day.

She is still SHE!

Before that picture she was a girl growing up in a family
with four brothers, and one sister...
and then she got married and had twins.
But she was still Margaret.

How glad I am she was - and is - still Margaret.

And I am still Nancy.

We are both older.
Maybe wiser.

But still 'us'.

And here she is now...
Still beautiful... and still Margaret.


This Mother's Day may be hard for you,
for any number of reasons...
but please cherish that you are still you.

Well, that wouldn't be on a Mother's Day card...
but it's on my blog.

I hope you can somehow celebrate this Mother's Day.

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