Friday, May 27, 2016

The First Supper...

... in our new house was last night!!

Well, the first FAMILY supper, that is, was last night.
(Sam and I have been eating suppers since we moved in about 6 weeks ago.)

Here are some pics...
That is Nell with her Nana, making the 'table cloth' look pretty for the big meal.

And the next picture is of the group (I'm behind the camera)...
We missed John, who couldn't be there.
And little Liam was sleeping in the other room.
And other family members were in Oregon, or Midland, TX, and well, around the nation.

Did you notice the pretty flowers on the table?
Elizabeth brought those last night...
and then she planted them for us!!
How wonderful was that??
(Super wonderful.)

After the meal and the flower planting, Andrew and Anna enjoyed playing on our keyboard.
They made lots of noises, but only they heard them - since we had those headphones. 
(Headphones are great.)

Will loaned Caroline his ukulele last night, and a beginner book for the ukulele. Well, after the meal, Caroline immediately began learning how to play!! (Of course, she's musical, and already plays the piano, so the ukulele would be a natural for her.)

And in going through some boxes that had been in storage I found one of my dad's cowboy hats.
Well, it only seemed natural for Andrew to get his great Granddaddy Andy's hat!!

So this next picture covers both of those two paragraphs above....
Yes, Andrew loved his new cowboy hat,
and Caroline was already playing a chord on the ukulele!

When the Huffmans were leaving, Anna mentioned that she didn't get anything!  OOPSIE!!!
Ah, but her mother reminded her that she got lots of praise and applause after she gave us a little concert a few minutes earlier, with impromptu songs for us to enjoy!
Why, Anna can dance and sing at the same time! And she can do it all with her own original songs, composed ON THE SPOT.
Talk about entertaining!!!!
Really, for a five and a half year old, she was (is) impressive!

We should have recorded her performance!!!
(I'll be ready next time.)

So we had a super fun time last night.

Sam and I are still not completely settled here, but having family here eating together, and laughing together, well, that makes me feel more settled somehow. Yes.

We're making it HOME.

And by the way, almost everyday Sam and I tell each other that we are liking this house more than we even thought we would.

That's it for now.
Well, maybe I'll take some pictures soon, but I'll have to get more decisive in my decorating ideas.
I think ideas have to mull around in your (my) mind; the ideas don't come together fast.
So I'm still 'mulling'.

See you next time.

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