Thursday, May 5, 2016

Zach... is NOT (just a) Scuba Diver!

Oh he does scuba dive (for years), but now he does MUCH more.

Problems happen in the depths of the ocean, and well, there are folks needed to fix those problems.

Now I know personally someone who handles those problems. 

He's Zach Maxwell. 
He's my son-in-law's brother. 
We. are. family. 

His sister Victoria said this on Facebook on April 29...
Today my brother graduated from CDA Technical Institute as a certified commercial diver. Zachary, I'm definitely the proudest little sister and I can't wait to see what kind of adventures you embark on. — in Ocala, Florida.

Zach is second from the right in the first row.

Here he is with his mom, Vickie, his sister Victoria and his dear dad, Jerry...

That was a major day in Zach's life... and his family's life.

So I'm asking you to put Zach on your prayer list. Pray for his safety. His job, as you can imagine, is very dangerous.
It demands courage and wisdom, and well, extreme safety.

I cannot being to imagine his job... and its importance.

He's worked for hours and hours for months and months and months to get this certification. I've never known anyone who has done this.... but Zach has done this. And this speaks to his ability, and tenaciousness, and to say we are proud of him is an understatement.  We are SUPER PROUD OF HIM.

Yes. Sometimes there aren't words to express such pride.

Zach, we feel EXTREME PRIDE because we know you.

And we pray for your safety... and your wisdom in doing this important work ... in the deep, dark waters where lives are saved, and, yes, nations are kept safe.

We love you.
We thank you.

I wondered what pictures to close this post with, and well, this one (from several years ago) was my favorite. (Zach is in the middle... with his brother and dad)....
I just like that picture of handsome Zach.
That's my son-in-law on the left, and my daughter's father-in-law on the right,
with Zach in the middle.)

If he weren't a certified commercial diver, I do believe he could be a movie star.

So I'll close with more pictures of Zach...

And I don't think he would need a stage name.
What is better than that?!?

So pray for Zach...
for safety, health, wisdom.

Here is what and how he will be....

He has an important future in front of him...
and for us.


I am proud that you're family.



laura said...

we're proud of him too!

Unknown said...

Wow Nancy, what can I say! You have given Zach a great tribute. We love you and your family so much!!! Thanks for being the very best you!

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