Thursday, June 2, 2016

Friends are friends forever...

 Here we are... in 1984 (I think)... 14 years after we graduated from high school...
From left, Diane, Nancy (me), Cecilia Ann ('Twinkle'), Kathy, Peggy, and Pat.
Peggy and I and our parents had gone down to celebrate our church's anniversary,
and Diane took the opportunity to get us all together at her house!!
What FUN!!

Did you know that three of us in that picture are twins!
Yes... three of us.

Well, Peggy and I are there...
and so is our best friend, Diane.

The three of us are twins!!

Well, Diane's twin is a boy (now a man), Dennis.
We were (are) twins!!!

 I wish I had pictures of the three of us when we were younger.
We were together ALL THE TIME.
From third grade on...
that's when we moved to wonderful Mission, TX, when we started the third grade.
Actually we moved there when we were four or five, then moved to Mississippi...
then back to Mission. 

Anyway, later we got together with Pat, and Kathy, and Twinkle...
and of course Wendy.. and Nancy Lane... and more wonderful friends,
like Carla, and Kathy Grant,
and Myra... and
and many others!!

Diane was our bestest, though.

Dottie Jean was, too, but that was at church.
Dottie was a year older.
(I'll blog about her someday.)

Clearly Diane was the best friend of both Peggy and me. 

Diane is a jewel and she met a jewel, Lee Thalman,

Here's a picture of Lee and Diane in 2015, celebrating 25 years!
They met when their sons were best friends.
Now that is a romantic story.
(I hope it's okay, Diane, that I stalked your FB pics to get these.)

Anyway, Diane is precious.

And she came and visited Peggy
during Peggy's last months in the hospice facility in Houston.
And Diane came to the visitation time,
and to Peggy's funeral in Houston (actually Katy)
in April of 1989.

I get teary of thinking of what a comfort that was - to have Diane visit Peggy...
and then be there for me after Peggy passed.

I can hardly type these words.

Now Diane and I are on Facebook together.
Here's her great profile pic...
That's Diane in 2015 with her daughter Jenny, and her son, Doug.
(Yes, they're fun people.)
(But, of course.)

So I guess this post is a tribute to the most precious Diane.

I wish I could make it more spectacular...
because Diane is spectacular

I will close with Michael W. Smith's "Friends".

I love you Diane!!!

(And I want to thank dear friend, Kathy Fennell Cranfill,
who gave me that picture that is at the top of this post!!)
Love you, too, Kathy!

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