Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun! (and sweetness)

This morning the grandkids came by...
Those are my grandkids and my twin's grandkids.
So they're all very close.
And fun.
From left: Nell, Caroline, Me (Grammy) holding Liam, Andrew and Anna.
(Caroline's friend Hannah took that picture!)
(If you can think of a caption of what Liam might be thinking, that would be fun.)

Their mothers came, too...
That's Bailey (Nell and Liam's mom) and Elizabeth (Caroline, Andrew and Anna's mom)
and me in the middle.
(Caroline stood on a chair and took that picture.)

We had fun.
And we had a more serious picture than the first (yet still fun)...
I'm using that as my cover photo on Facebook.
I love it.
(Caroline's friend Hannah took that picture, too!)

Sweet Liam and I make up my profile picture on FB...
I don't know of a sweeter baby than Liam.

Well, there are sweet babies in the world.

One of them was born in August 1986...

Here she is with her husband June 18...
They're expecting their first, a baby boy, in October!!!

They live in Portland, Oregon,
so you know where I'll be in October!!!

Another sweet child was our oldest...
Yes, Will was (is) darling!

He brought his daughter to the tea room yesterday...
Bailey and Liam had an appointment of some kind, so daddy and daughter and Grammy had a fun threesome.

Life is good.

I'll close with these quotes...

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