Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am not chocolate.

Before I explain my blog-post title let me say that lately I have been taking care of myself. 


I repeat, Yes!



Just yesterday a lady was telling me about her fatigue.

She said,
"I'm just too committed to everything.
I just can't say 'NO' when someone asks me to do something.
At the time it's easier saying 'YES' than disappointing them ...
and then I get so mad at myself
because I really just want to NOT DO ANYTHING ANYMORE."

I said, "I hear you."
"I have been there, done that."
(I said it with more empathy than that.)

And then I began talking (counseling?) (with her permission).

Since I was (am) about 25 years older than she/her,
I thought my advice might matter...
and it DID!!!

My advice TOOK!
Well, she acted like it did.
(She is now her own responsibility.)

Anyway, as I was talking to her, I was also reminding myself
that if we don't take care of ourselves
we are of no use to others, much less ourselves.

And as much as we would like to,
we cannot please everybody.

We, especially us women-folk, who are the usual nurturers and caregivers,
and hostesses with the mostesses, etc., etc.,
cannot - CANNOT - be everybody's everything.

We just cannot.

Can I get a big "WHEW!"
a big "AMEN"!!!?


I could write a lot more on this subject here,
but I will end with this great picture/quote...



(though I do like chocolate)


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