Thursday, June 23, 2016

I need to detach.

So I'm trying to detach.

Well, for sure I can detach from Facebook posts about politics.

I mean, I am never (well rarely) persuaded by FB political rants.

And I am not too persuaded by either side of the media.

But I need to detach.

So what - or whom - do I need to detach from? The two candidates!!

I can hardly stomach Donald Trump.
And Hillary Clinton.

So will I vote?

I will.

But I am trying to let my emotions go to a happy place ...
... like heaven.

I'm glad this world is not my home.  !!!!!

In closing, here are some cartoons that fit these 2 crazy candidates...

For (against) Trump...


And for (against) Hillary...

I think those cartoons fit the candidates.

Now I will detach from them.

(Maybe you're like me:
once you've ranted a bit about whatever,
it gets out of your system.)

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