Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pictures of people I love... plus a song...

This is a random post that includes a lot, but not too much, I think.

I've enjoyed it... I hope you do, too!
That's great nephew Andrew wearing his Great Granddaddy Andy's cowboy hat!
(That was at his horseback riding lesson not long ago.)
(I think that picture is PRICELESS.)

Here is Andrew's mother at IKEA last week...
I went with Elizabeth last week, and we really had a work out!!
We loaded up those things to Elizabeth's left and in front of her.

This next picture was after we loaded those couch things onto the slab-thing.
I was flexing my muscles proudly!!!

And they fit in the car!
(the couch things, not my muscles)
You can tell that Elizabeth was happy (and maybe a bit surprised) that everything fit!
Of course, Elizabeth and I had to put our seats way up.
If we had long legs we would have had a problem!

We got the material for a project Elizabeth and John are doing
for their new company,  Black Door Home Co
(You must go to that site, just to see what they did with their OWN house.)
(They inspire me.)

In other picture news, 
here's brother-in-law Ken Friday morning at our breakfast table...
Ken was at a lawyers' conference in Fort Worth Thursday and Friday,
so he got to spend the night with us.
(I had to get a picture since he was our first overnight guest in our new house!)

The next day, in our 'bonus room' (den), I took these sweet pictures...

I just love those pictures.
And I love Bailey, and our grandchildren, Liam and Nell.

Oh my yes.

In other pictorial news...
I got the tea room piano tuned this past week...
It sounds better now. I think.
Probably nobody will notice.
BUT piano tuners tell you that a piano needs tuning every six months...
and it had been maybe 3 years since that one was tuned.
So it was beyond time.

About my playing in the tea room...
I've been making it clear to people that since it is an antique mall...
I play ANTIQUE songs.

I say that because recently a not-so-young lady (I'd say she was 40-ish)
was looking at my "I WISH YOU LOVE" CD,
and she said, "Do you have a CD with more recent songs? I don't know any of these."

I had to keep my jaw from dropping.

The songs listed were:
"Some Enchanted Evening"
"Over the Rainbow"
"Crying in the Chapel"
"Fly Me to the Moon"
"The Wind Beneath My Wings"
"I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face"
"God Bless the USA"
and a few more that might not be so popular.

Well, now I do play more recent songs... like "Let It Go" from FROZEN.
(And that is getting old fast.) 

Oh, the other day, a lady my age looked at my "San Antonio Rose" sheet music
and she said she was not familiar with that song.

(Jaw almost on the floor.)

My dear daddy had Peggy and me singing that song
as soon as he thought we could maybe carry a tune.

We sang it at Rotary clubs, church sweetheart banquets, anywhere we could...
and Daddy would beam!!!

If you don't know "San Antonio Rose" you need to.
Here's Bob Wills singing it ...

Wills wrote it and sang it with his Texas Playboys.

It makes you want to tap your feet, huh?


I'll close with a teaser for Wednesday Whimsy.
This is on sale at LoneStar Antiques...
and it expresses my feelings for my hubby,
whom I married 38 years ago this past Friday.
Isn't that great?!

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