Friday, July 22, 2016

Everybody needs a babysitter sometimes ... even me...

I was needing help last Saturday.
I knew I had a big day... and well, I knew I needed help babysitting my little grandbabies..

And I got that help... with SWEET CAROLINE!  (She is my great niece... and I mean my GREAT niece!!!)
Isn't she beautiful, holding little (big) Liam?

She made him laugh out loud...

Caroline was so good with Liam every minute...

And she entertained Nell, Liam and me...
We had a puppet show!
And Caroline let Nell play some music on the keyboard!
Is that not wonderful??

You know why all that babysitting by Caroline was so fantastic??
Well, besides being fun and so sweet, Caroline was ORGANIZED!!!

She got here about 20 minutes before her little charges (Nell and Liam).
She asked for some paper and a pen, so she could 'make plans'.

Here are her 'plans' (I'm so glad I took a picture of them)....

We weren't sure Liam was coming, so she planned for that - in case (which was good- he came!)

I hope you read all those 'plans'. 

They were great!!!

They inspired me... 
to be ready...
to babysit!


(By the way, she is just 9 1/2.)
(Talk about smart... and wise... and beautiful.)


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