Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Going on 100 years!!!

We had the 99th annual Will White Reunion Monday (July 4th) in Van, TX....
We are the Andrew Nuel White, Sr. gang that showed up.
From left, Me, Mother, Frank, Helen, Brian and Sylvia.
I was wearing orange because I had a patriotic belt on that has a lot of orange in it.
So we were all patriotic.

Here are the four cousins (of my dad (well, Helen is Daddy's little sister))... 
From left: Frita, JoAnn, Helen, with Willy behind Frita.
(Yes, my "Aunt Helen" looks younger than I do.)
(She is NOT the youngest in that group.)
[I may need to have her come give me and my friends tips on how to stay young-looking.]

Here is her cousin Frita's group...
Frita's kids and grandkids and great grandkids always make up the largest group.
(Lots of them live in Van. And even if they didn't, they're very close, and well, they'd get the biggest group award.)

(I wanted to include Denise (my second cousin) taking that picture.)
Denise has made a Facebook page for the 100th anniversary celebration.

We are -starting now- promoting next year's 100th reunion!

Here's Corbi (my second cousin) pointing to a picture of my son and her daughter with their parents at 1985's reunion...

Here's that picture...
Aww. Those are the babies born since the previous reunion.
(From left: Preston and Corbi with Baby Jessica, I don't know who the little blonde-headed girl is, or the next couple with the baby looking at Will, then that's Sam and me, holding Baby Will, and finally that is my cousin David (Helen's son) with Talina holding Baby Wes.

We want all those people to come next July 4th!!
(And if you know who those people are that I can't identify, let me know. Thank you.)

This year's reunion was fun, though lots of folks couldn't attend.
(I'll tell you Sam's really good reason why he couldn't attend in a future blog post!)
(Stay tuned.)

Finally, I'd like to thank Cindy Fields who has lately been 'in charge' of getting everything together.
She does a super job.
I couldn't find a recent picture of her... 
Here she is (far right) about 2 years ago at the reunion...

Oh, and I saw this on Facebook of Cindy with her daughter Lauren just this past May 28, when Lauren graduated from high school (I took it upon myself to 'steal' the picture (thanks))...
I saw you, Lauren, Monday, and should have congratulated you!!

So I will close this post with a plea for all the Will White family to put July 4th, 2017 on your calendar!!!
YES, we want a big group!!!
And we may even try and get the local news folks to come out
and report about it on TV!!! 

I mean, how many family reunions do you know
that have been continuously meeting for 100 years?!?

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