Thursday, July 28, 2016

ThrowBack Thursday...

I've been going through rarely-opened boxes that have traveled with us to several different houses through the years, and I have found some old (mostly) newspaper pictures that are treasures!!

Guess who this young man is...
Does it look like Will Carmack??
I say YES!
It isn't Will, though. It is his dad, Sam!!
(That was when he was 17,  just starting at Baylor.)

Here he is when he was younger...
I'm pretty sure that was Christmas morning, with Sam reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 in the Bible.
(With Nana and DaddyBob, usually a young reader got to read the story.)
(What a wonderful tradition.)

Here I am, with Peggy, getting ready to start first grade in Indianola, Mississippi...
So we were "Trouble Ahead"??
We should have merited the title!
(We never switched places for fun. We should have!)
(This makes me want to finish my Peggy book ASAP...
I have had too many distractions,
as has my main editor, Sam.)
(We need to make it a priority.)

I'll move on...

Here's a picture of lovely me on the far right,
at the Best-in-Show Dog Show in the parking lot in front of Carl's Minimax!
If you can read it, notice what our family dog, Sheila, won!!!!
She won Best All-Around and First Prize (in the costume division).
Yes, that is Angel Buchanan in the middle... and you may know others!
(Angel and I are now Facebook friends!  Hi Angel!)

By the way, Sheila's costume was remade for her by my mother.
It was originally one of Peggy's or my Halloween clown costumes that Mother had made years earlier...
I'm on the left, but most of you knew that.

Here I am in high school with the FOUR SOUNDS NOW!...
Hi Laura, Sue Ellen, my Facebook friends!

And I'm in this next picture, too (of which I am proud)...
And I'm Facebook friends with some of those folks!
(Hi John, Dora Elia, Debbie, DeeDee!)

Well, I will be sharing lots more pictures in the Thursdays to come.

For today I will close with this dear one...
That is my dear Granddaddy Andy (my dad's father).
I hope you can read the caption.
(Whenever I eat yummy homegrown tomatoes I think of my Granddaddy Andy and Grandmother Jennie.)

Good memories are wonderful things, aren't they?
You can relive them any time you want!

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