Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Who knew --- I'd be the grandmother of R2-D2 ?!?

Wow.  Life doesn't get much more exciting than that!!!

If for some reason you are not familiar with R2-D2 you can click HERE for Wikipedia's explanation.

And here's another picture of him...

So now you know you can make amazingness out of a baby helmet.
(Liam has to wear it so his head will get in 'good shape' and his jaw will be okay, too.
He only has to wear it for a few months.)

Here are Liam's parents getting him ready to become R2-D2...
I took that picture, because I got to be there when they were decorating the helmet.
Will (a major STAR WARS fan) wanted it done just right.... and so it was!!

So how did they find that helmet decor??
Well, Bailey asked on Facebook about where to get some good baby helmet decorations.
She got lots of good responses, but the one she chose
was from MOLLY!!! (as in Molly Prather)

I took the liberty to get Molly's picture off of Facebook...
Molly has worked with little bitty children for years
and knew right where to order some cute baby helmet decor.

So we can thank Molly.

(And thanks for letting me steal that precious FB picture, Molly.)
Molly and her family have been in our lives for years and years...
since we started Bear Valley Community Church in 1992.

We all go way back...
but we are still close!

Just last Sunday Molly's folks, Keith and Susan, visited with Will, Bailey, Nell and Liam
and Sam and me at Will's house.

Susan (whom I call "SuSu" sometimes) inspired me to be an even more fun and loving Grammy.
She got Liam/R2-D2 to giggle a lot...

And SuSu got Nell to laughing A LOT!!!

Some of my blog readers are thinking:
Keith, Susan and Molly (and Jesse) are PRATHERS??

Yes, we feel like family with these Prathers...
and since my maternal grandmother was a Prather,
well, we MUST be related!!

By the way, Susan is known these past few years for being the WINK lady.

She brought Nell and Liam each a teddy bear Wink with their name on them...
but I forgot to take a picture.

They were like these...
... but they had Nell's name on one and Liam's name on the other.
(Thanks for letting me steal this picture, SuSu.)
Here are some more of Susan's Winks, that were sold in my booth last fall...
Here are some more...
Aren't those cute???
Susan started that business when she had to quit working outside the home because of chronic health issues.  Yes, she has major health issues, but her attitude is so still delightful.
Well, she is a woman of strong faith... and love... and fun!

Oh, and she and Keith are MAJOR STAR WARS FANS...
so they were delighted to see R2-D2 in person Sunday!!!
Isn't he darling?!?
(in my objective opinion)

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Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest little R2D2 I have ever seen!!! Adorable!

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