Friday, August 26, 2016

I Should Have Been a Zombie.

Last Saturday I was really tired. It had been quite a week. Actually it had been quite a month. Mother, who had been sick, encouraged me to get away from her for a while and go play in the tea room. She knew that when I play I ‘go to my happy place'. 

So I went to the tea room and sat down at the piano, ready to play all my easy songs, so I could totally relax. Soon, a pretty young woman came over, so excited to see me. She said, “Oh, I am so glad you are here today. We have a big party in the party area and we need you to play a certain song when my husband walks in wearing an old soldier's uniform.”  Well, it was a song I really hadn't practiced, but had the music to, and being the people-pleasing-yes person' I am I said, 'Okay'.  So I found the music, practiced it quietly, then waited and waited (while playing other stuff by ear (which I don’t do that well), so as not to put different music in front of me when the costumed person was to arrive - which was my cue to play said music.

Good grief.  It was an hour and a half before I got the 'cue'. I even went to the party area three times to make sure I hadn't missed the 'cue'.  Ah, but then in the middle of waiting for the 'cue' I got an important phone call from my mother's doctor.  I said, "I'm sorry but I may have to get off the phone soon."  I didn't say, "I may have to get off the phone soon so I can play the theme to CHEERS on the piano."  I knew that would be lame, but in my frazzled head at that moment, it was NOT lame.  I urgently had to be ready to play "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" immediately, so as not to ruin the party.  (Fortunately I didn't have to hang up on the doctor.)

So that is where people-pleasing gets me... in a tizzy over silly stuff.

When the pretty young lady asked me to play the song I should have said, “Oh dear.  I could, but today I am a total zombie, and cannot play anything out of my comfort zone. I actually am barely here, and I almost didn’t even come. I'm sorry.”  

Why can’t I think of the things I should say when I should say them??… and SAY THEM??!!

Well, long story short (which is already long), the uniformed person finally came running into the tea room yelling, “The British are coming!! The British are coming!!” So I began playing loudly the theme from CHEERS so the party could hear it.  (It was a surprise gift-trip to Boston, for the wife of a couple who was celebrating their 40th anniversary.) 

Well, this blog post has too many words. (I do NOT like wordy blog posts.)
I am making an exception here.

This is for you to remind me to ‘just say no’ when I’m tired and don’t want to do something.

(I think the party heard my CHEERS theme.)
Who knows.
Who cares.

(Bless their hearts. I forgive them. They didn't know I was a zombie.)


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