Thursday, August 11, 2016

It is not just any Thursday, it is LAURA'S 30th Thursday!!!

Laura's daddy (my Sam) picked out this fun cake (one of two) to celebrate her big birthday...
Is that not cute?? The cake inside was white, but the blue icing-hair made for  blue teeth, mouth, and lips,
which you'll see later in this post.

Laura came this past weekend with her hubby, Ryan. Talk about fun. Here they are when they arrived at DFW Airport Friday from Portland, OR...

We had a fun weekend... with Friday night, and Saturday with her baby shower, and celebrating her birthday, and well, instead of telling you about each separate picture I'll show the pictures and let you figure out what was happening.

Here we go...


That above picture is fun on many levels, in my opinion.

This final picture is not in order... Bailey took it when she, Laura and kiddos went to Starbucks, I think.
Laura texted it to me. It is now one of my favorite pics in the whole wide world.
Is that not incredibly cute?



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