Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thoroughly Thankful Thursday....

Early this morning my little 9 1/2 month-old grandson had eye surgery.

Here he is right before he had the surgery.

You can kind of tell from that above picture that his eyes weren't going in the same direction.
Actually they don't look that bad in that picture... but they WERE not good.
Even the day he was born it was obvious he might have trouble seeing.

Ah, but here he is this afternoon...
 His eyes are perfect!

The surgery was on the muscles around the eyes,
and knowing he would have to be given general anesthesia made the surgery, well, worrisome.

But he is doing great!!!

And I would like to thank all of the 'prayer warriors' that I
and Bailey and Will and everybody else had enlisted the days prior.
You know who you are!!

Thank you so very much.


That's all for now.

That is ENOUGH!!!


Being Beth said...

What wonderful news. He looks absolutely perfect! So thankful for the power of prayer and a God who is so kind and gracious to all of us.

Nancy said...

Yes, Beth, yes!!!!

Unknown said...

He looks awesome! So glad all of you are past that. Thanks to Jesus for His faithful care.

Nancy said...

Super YES, VICKI!!!

Pat said...

Such good news. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

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