Thursday, August 4, 2016

ThrowBack Thursday....

I found some old pictures I have to share...
This was taken in February, 2010.
It just makes me feel cooler somehow.
This next picture is of a little boy who was growing up in Oklahoma, off of Highway 281,
while I was growing up in South Texas near Highway 281...

Here's a map of Highway 281...
So we tell people we grew up just down the road from each other.


Here's a picture of two cousins getting ready for bed...
That's my twin's little girl Elizabeth, helping my little girl, Laura, put her jammies on.
Elizabeth was always a helper to Laura....
They share good memories.
And they'll be together again this weekend!!
(I'll blog about that later.)

Here's another picture of Laura, with her brother, and their second cousin, James...
Those children are all grown up now.
(Time waits for no man, or woman, or child.)
(Sigh - or ...... Yay?)

Here I am several years ago with Bailey!
We'd often get together and discuss life.
And now she's my daughter-in-law!
Life is good.

Why, here we are just last Saturday...
It is so great that we are so very close.... in our relationship, and mileage-wise!
She lives just 2 minutes from me!!!

And here is my son-in-law before we were related...
That picture was taken over seven years ago!
Ryan's sister, Victoria, has changed the most, I think.
Here she is with her parents, in March...
Aren't they all beautiful???
And we get to be 'family'!

Here's a great picture, of Ryan, Laura, Mother,
and Bailey and Will looking at newborn Nell...
That was three years ago this November.
In October Laura and Ryan will be having their own baby, a boy!!!
We can hardly wait to meet him!

I'll close with this picture of Nell and her mommy....
That picture was taken Saturday a week ago.
I love it.

Well, that's all for today.
Stay tuned, I'll have more old pics to share next Thursday,
along with some new ones.

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