Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trivia Tuesday

Coyotes can run faster than roadrunners.

The Statue of Liberty wears size 879 shoes.
Hmm. No one can see her shoes!

 Starfish have eyes at the end of their arms.

Magnolias are the oldest surviving flowering plants; they first appeared 100 million years ago.

Daniel Craig is the only Bond actor who is shorter than Ian Fleming’s six-foot-original.

Edvard Munch’s THE SCREAM is based on a Peruvian mummy he saw in a Paris museum.

The 1988 Olympics included the sport of solo synchronized swimming.

A rattlesnake that has been out in the rain will not rattle.

An Olympic gold medal is 92.5% silver.

Simon and Garfunkel were originally called Tom and Jerry.

That is the trivia for today.

Have a great week!!!

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Trivia Tuesday

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