Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I have discovered that some words are magical!!

No, one of the words is not 'magic'.
I just wanted a visual aid.

I've known these two words all of my life. But I don't think I realized their power until recently.

For the first word, here's the story:

Not too long ago my little granddaughter Nell started having anxiety issues when she found herself separated from her mommy, or even at the anticipation of being separated from her.  Knowing that is not too uncommon behavior for a 2 1/2 year old was helping in our acceptance of her anxiety, but it was not fun, shall we say. Yes, she was seeming to behave normal for her age. Still, her melt-downs (or explosions of tears and screaming) were not pleasant. She had had the summer at home with her mommy, and when she started a preschool program (because her mommy started a job), well, Nell was NOT liking it. A few times I would pick her up to take her to my house, and well, she would refuse to get into the car. Since I am more muscular than she, I would ‘win.' I would force her into the car and car seat, but it was not a pleasant ‘win’.
And when Bailey and/or Will would drop her off at my house on occasion, well, Nell did not like it at all. (The term 'temper tantrum' comes to mind.)

So one day, Bailey texted me that she had told Nell there was going to be a party at Grammy's house that day. She thought the word 'party' would do the trick. IT DID!!
When I got that text I decided that maybe I would let Nell have some extra ice cream that day, and maybe get out a candle that she could blow out.

Well, the minute Nell arrived she was in the party mode. I did not do anything differently. I kept thinking she would say, "When's the party?"  No. She just kept saying, 'We're having a party.' And she'd smile really big. During our coloring time, she would remind me we were having a party. When she watched "Peppa Pig" or "Sophia the First" she would say 'We are having a party.' And she would smile and giggle. We did not do anything differently! Well, until later when I got out a Glade candle I'd had and let her blow it out.
(Glade candles, by the way, don't have a super amount of scent, so I guess that was good in that case.)

So PARTY was the magic word!

Now I don't think it would work with an older child or adult, BUT the next day when I was getting ready for the day, I told myself that I was going to have a party all day... with myself.  And it made the day better!!! (Except when I forgot to think about it.)

SO... just use the word PARTY... and see if maybe you're not smiling a bit for a while!

The second word that I found was magical was a word I read about in an article... and immediately l loved the idea behind it.

The word? "WEIRD."

I tend to want to be normal, like everybody else. I even sometimes try to figure out what is normal these days and comply.
Ah, but now I'm not so into that pursuit.
I won't go into detail; I'll just let you read the article for yourself. (The first paragraph didn't do much for me, but I kept reading and really liked what I read!!) It is not a long article, but I found it worth my time... and hopefully worth yours.
It's "A Weird Trick to Free Yourself From Your Identity."  I hope you click that and read the article.

Yeah. So I don't have to be 'normal.' I can be 'weird.' What a relief!!

But don't call me a 'Weirdo'.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trivia Tuesday

The first TV show to be put into reruns was "The Lone Ranger.”
The "Hi-Yo Silver!" shout at the beginning of each episode is a recording of Earle W. Graser, who played The Lone Ranger on radio from 1933-41.
You can read more about the original Lone Ranger by clicking HERE. (Wikipedia's entry)


Other trivia...

Chained dogs are 3 times more likely to bite than unchained dogs.


Here's some light-hearted trivia...

Austin, Minnesota is home to the SPAM museum. 


Pepsi-Cola changed their colors to red, white, and blue to support the war during WWII, and haven't changed back. So if you find a Pepsi bottle that's just red and white, hang on to it!! 


The longest continuous sidewalk in the world is along Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida.

Chewing gum cannot be purchased at Disneyland as an effort to keep the park clean.


Fortune cookies originated in America. First imported to China in the 1990s,
they were advertised as “Genuine American Fortune Cookies.”

Natural or cultured pearls will dissolve in vinegar.


Marilyn Monroe had used three different shades of red lipstick and a dark red lip liner
in order to get her lips that perfectly red.

So now we know!

Have a great week!

Monday, September 26, 2016

We're alive!... but I have an addiction.

Saturday night at around 8:00 Sam and I both shot of our bed!
I was going to say we 'jumped' out of our bed, but we were quicker than that.

We weren't asleep (we like to watch TV in the bedroom, no matter what sleep experts say).

We had been watching sportscasters killing time, as they/we were waiting to watch the Baylor/OSU game that had been delayed because of weather (lightning).
(Even I was excited to watch that game.)

THEN, we heard the loudest thunder clap in our lives.
It was so sudden! 
I think I am still reeling.

I think it might have looked like this, if I had seen it.
It felt as if it looked like that.

Our house alarm siren went off really loudly (understatement). 
The TV went blank (horrors).
Then we found out that we had no internet!!!
And no air conditioning.

We DID have electricity, thankfully.

And we didn't see any fire.

And we are alive! 

But we had to listen to the game off and on from Sam's iPhone.
I went to sleep, as the game didn't end until midnight.
Ah, but Baylor won!!

But I found out what true withdrawal feels like.
Well, I am making light of what I shouldn't make light of.

I know addiction is a serious thing.
And my addiction to the internet is not life-threatening.

And it was good for me to have to be 'off' for a while.

In all I was 'off' for not quite 2 days.
(That's pretty pathetic, having withdrawal less than just 2 days off.)

Now I'm 'on.'

And, of course, I have to blog about it.

And I am for sure telling myself I need to stay 'off' more often.
It IS good for me... to live like in the 'olden days.'

Ah, but tomorrow I WILL be able to post some trivia.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trivia Tuesday

 Nachos were invented by a man called Nacho.

 Click HERE for Wikipedia's telling about that.


James Dean’s last appearance on film before his fatal car crash in 1955
was in a road-safety commercial.


Nutella was invented during WWII, when an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts into chocolate to extend his chocolate ration.


The letter “Q” is the only letter not used in the spelling of any of the 50 US states.


When Boris Yeltsin met President Clinton in 1995,
his first question was "Do you think O.J. did it?”


According to Mormonism, the Garden of Eden was in Missouri.


Newborn babies like Mozart and Vivaldi but are indifferent to Beethoven.


Parrots can live over 80 years.


Michelangelo was called a heretic for giving Adam a belly button on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.


So now we know!

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sweet Liam with his Sweet Nana... and then with Sweet Nell...

We had some sweetness going on today (Sunday, September 18)...
Liam's bib was so appropriate. He is SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!!!

Here he is getting even closer with his great grandmother...
Is that not beyond precious?!

And then later, Nell joined the sweetness...

We were celebrating Sam's 64th birthday. 
Yes, I think it was a sugar-overload - of sweetness. 

I took a picture of all of us before we ate,
but that picture didn't 'take' really.
(I need photography lessons.)
Here is the picture if you want to see it...
However faded that picture is, it gives you the 'feel' of the celebration.

Anyway, the main thing was that we got together.

And we 'FaceTimed' Ryan and Laura who are in Portland, OR.

Laura is 36 weeks pregnant.
She and Ryan texted this picture to us today...
Whoa. That's our little girl.

I better get my bags packed.

But for THIS week, I'm watching Liam most of tomorrow.

Do I like watching Liam?
You betcha!!!
Well, he has a good, humble attitude so far.
And he really likes hearing "The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round."

I can sing that.

It is a simple song...
but has become one of my favorite songs of all time.
(Funny what grandchildren do to ya.)

Friday, September 16, 2016

I had a dream... and it included Tom Jones!

Last Friday night I dreamt I was touring Wales, on a bicycle.

Well, the evening before I'd eaten a Welsh supper and heard some Tales from Wales, so my mind was ready for that dream.
I learned that 'Cottage Pie' is like 'Shepherd's Pie', but Shepherd's pie is usually with lamb,
whereas 'Cottage Pie' is with beef.
By the way, that Cottage Pie was absolutely delicious.

Here are Marcus and Martina Hatcher telling the group about their missionary experience in Wales...

So who are Marcus and Martina?
And where was this Welsh supper? 
And why?

Marcus and Martina are members of Bear Valley Community Church, and they spent all of last year in Wales, working with the youth at a community church there, as well as reaching out to the community, to seek to find/secure more Christ-followers.

It was a wonderful year for them...
and we got to hear about some highlights...
and some facts of Wales.

Friday night, Sept.9, they held a thank you supper,
thanking all those we supported that mission year in Wales.

The supper was held at Bear Valley Church.

Here is the line for the buffet in the "Commons" area...

Here is the eating and program area (in the auditorium)...

Here is my plate...
I should have used a little plate for my dessert (the trifles), but I thought I would eat lighter if I put it all together.
(I try to fool myself sometimes.)

Here's the plate before the food,
and notice the centerpiece...
The centerpiece is sheep!
Did you know that there are millions and millions of sheep in Wales?

By the way, here is a map of Wales, as it is in The United Kingdom ...

The Welsh people are not considered from England, but from Great Britain,
or the United Kingdom.

Here is Wales by itself...
Marcus and Martina lived in Cardiff, the capital.
It is in the far southeast of Wales.

Did you know that Wales is about the size of Massachusetts?
That was part of a quiz Marcus and Martina asked us at the beginning of their presentation.
(I had guessed it was bigger.)

As one of the old-timers present, I DID know who this Welsh performer is (which was on the quiz)...
Sir Tom Jones!

Here is how I remember him years ago on Saturday night TV...
Oh yeah.

He is Wales' claim to fame.

And I saw him live in London three years ago!!!
He is now 76... and he can still sing. Wow.
(Though he acts more subdued than when he was younger.)

So the Hatchers gave us quite an evening... with delicious Welsh food,
and info on their time in Wales,
as well as interesting facts, plus Tom Jones!
Oh and the evening ended with hot tea.
Mine was Earl Grey.

It was very proper.

Marcus and Martina did a wonderful job sharing their experiences in Wales.


So what are they going to do next?

They are going to work in North Fort Worth, with various churches,
reaching young people for Christ.
They have many exciting ideas on how to do that.

So I went home, told Sam all about the evening (he had been 'under the weather' (he's fine now)),
... and then I went to sleep and dreamed I was touring Wales.
I was surrounded by lots and lots of sheep,
as I was riding a bicycle around the countryside.
(That's how Marcus and Martina got around some of the time.)
And I heard and watched Tom Jones singing "She's A Lady".

And all through the dream I was riding on the right side of the road!
Glad I made it till morning! 

Thanks Marcus and Martina for a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trivia Tuesday

College football’s largest margin of victory came in 1916, when Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland by a score of 222 to 0. The game was cut short by 15 minutes.

The orange and white team colors of the Tennessee Volunteers were chosen in 1891 to represent the daisies which grow on the campus.

President John F. Kennedy compared the difficulties of reaching space in a rocket to the Rice Owls’ chances of defeating the Texas Longhorns.

The Red River Shootout between Oklahoma and Texas is the oldest rivalry played at a neutral site. The game is held in Dallas, which is halfway between both campuses. Oklahoma was still a U.S. Territory when the Red River Shootout started in 1900. Oklahoma didn’t receive statehood until 1907.

It takes about 600 cows to make one full season’s worth of NFL footballs.

Contrary to common opinion, the “G” on the Green Bay Packers helmet doesn’t stand for Green Bay. Rather, it stands for “Greatness.

Noted in 2014, NFL cheerleaders typically make $50–$75 a game. However, by the time they spend money on makeup, hair accessories, dance classes, etc., they end up losing money. (I'm surprised at that.)

Deion Sanders is the only person in history to both hit an MLB home run and score an NFL touchdown in the same week. He’s also the only person to play in the World Series and the Super Bowl.

Antacid sales increase by 20% the day after the Super Bowl. Additionally, 6% of Americans will call in sick the day after.

Finally, wonderful former Dallas Cowboy coach Tom Landry was from Mission, Texas... which is MY HOMETOWN!!!

That's the trivia for today.

Have a great week!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

A post with no name....

I have several things on today's post, but can't figure out a title.
Oh well.

In this Presidential election cycle folks are not rallying around the candidates.
I have noticed very few bumper stickers for either Hillary or Trump.

I did see this one last week....

On a different note,
I read recently that an "America's Got Talent" contestant 'destroyed' a Katy Perry song. I thought, what a shame that that contestant did such an awful job on that song that they said she destroyed it.. Bless her heart.
But NO. Saying she 'destroyed' it meant she hit it out of the park. (I understand that idiom.)

It's like when 'bad' meant great. (I think bad means bad now, right?)


 In other news...
As I type these words my little 10 month-old grandson is rolling around on the floor...
Isn't he precious?
In prayer-request news, he needs another eye surgery.
It is scheduled for early October.
The doctor will tighten the muscles around his eyes so they can both see straight.
The doctor was very surprised that Liam's eyes had reverted back after the first surgery,
so he (the doctor) will do a more thorough job.
(I'm thinking that is how he might have worded it.)
Anyway, thank you for praying for little Liam.
(And for his parents.)


In other news, I have started back teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) at Bear Valley Church. I'm actually substituting for a while as Velia is on a big break.
I have one student, Rafaela, who is from the Dominican Republic.
She is a precious lady, and very eager to learn English. 

In the other class is a family from Iraq. 
Their story is the stuff of books and movies... and horror.
Two years ago, when their third child was just 4 days old, ISIS came into their town
and demanded allegiance to Allah, or be killed.
Fortunately ISIS gave the town 30 minutes to leave before being killed.
This was a city (or village) that was made up mostly of Christians.
Most everyone fled.
Long story short, they ended up here about 2 months ago.
The wife was a dentist in Iraq and the husband was an agricultural engineer.
Now she has no job, and he is working (for the last 3 weeks) at a nearby Walmart.
They do not receive refugee help because they do not qualify as refugees,
as they have some family in the States.
As I understand it, Bear Valley helped them furnish an apartment,
and are getting them acclimated to a very different life here.
Pray for them.
The father's name is Imad.
I know the others' names, but won't write them here.
I did ask our ESL director if I could blog a bit about them and she (Peggy) said yes.  

Anyway, so now we have met victims of ISIS.
Pray for Imad and his family.


In other news, Friday night I dreamed I was traveling in Wales.
I'll tell you soon about why I had that dream.
(It is a good story.)
(Stay tuned)
Tomorrow will be trivia - and it will be mainly about some interesting things about football.
I found it fascinating - and I'm not a big football fan.
I hope you are having a good Monday.
I am.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Whimsy...

... from LoneStar Antiques...

 If you knew my dear dad, you'd know he'd like those last two treasures.

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

I really, REALLY like this... I got this for my birthday! It's a key chain and there is none other like it!! I ADORE IT!! Thank you!!   ...