Friday, September 16, 2016

I had a dream... and it included Tom Jones!

Last Friday night I dreamt I was touring Wales, on a bicycle.

Well, the evening before I'd eaten a Welsh supper and heard some Tales from Wales, so my mind was ready for that dream.
I learned that 'Cottage Pie' is like 'Shepherd's Pie', but Shepherd's pie is usually with lamb,
whereas 'Cottage Pie' is with beef.
By the way, that Cottage Pie was absolutely delicious.

Here are Marcus and Martina Hatcher telling the group about their missionary experience in Wales...

So who are Marcus and Martina?
And where was this Welsh supper? 
And why?

Marcus and Martina are members of Bear Valley Community Church, and they spent all of last year in Wales, working with the youth at a community church there, as well as reaching out to the community, to seek to find/secure more Christ-followers.

It was a wonderful year for them...
and we got to hear about some highlights...
and some facts of Wales.

Friday night, Sept.9, they held a thank you supper,
thanking all those we supported that mission year in Wales.

The supper was held at Bear Valley Church.

Here is the line for the buffet in the "Commons" area...

Here is the eating and program area (in the auditorium)...

Here is my plate...
I should have used a little plate for my dessert (the trifles), but I thought I would eat lighter if I put it all together.
(I try to fool myself sometimes.)

Here's the plate before the food,
and notice the centerpiece...
The centerpiece is sheep!
Did you know that there are millions and millions of sheep in Wales?

By the way, here is a map of Wales, as it is in The United Kingdom ...

The Welsh people are not considered from England, but from Great Britain,
or the United Kingdom.

Here is Wales by itself...
Marcus and Martina lived in Cardiff, the capital.
It is in the far southeast of Wales.

Did you know that Wales is about the size of Massachusetts?
That was part of a quiz Marcus and Martina asked us at the beginning of their presentation.
(I had guessed it was bigger.)

As one of the old-timers present, I DID know who this Welsh performer is (which was on the quiz)...
Sir Tom Jones!

Here is how I remember him years ago on Saturday night TV...
Oh yeah.

He is Wales' claim to fame.

And I saw him live in London three years ago!!!
He is now 76... and he can still sing. Wow.
(Though he acts more subdued than when he was younger.)

So the Hatchers gave us quite an evening... with delicious Welsh food,
and info on their time in Wales,
as well as interesting facts, plus Tom Jones!
Oh and the evening ended with hot tea.
Mine was Earl Grey.

It was very proper.

Marcus and Martina did a wonderful job sharing their experiences in Wales.


So what are they going to do next?

They are going to work in North Fort Worth, with various churches,
reaching young people for Christ.
They have many exciting ideas on how to do that.

So I went home, told Sam all about the evening (he had been 'under the weather' (he's fine now)),
... and then I went to sleep and dreamed I was touring Wales.
I was surrounded by lots and lots of sheep,
as I was riding a bicycle around the countryside.
(That's how Marcus and Martina got around some of the time.)
And I heard and watched Tom Jones singing "She's A Lady".

And all through the dream I was riding on the right side of the road!
Glad I made it till morning! 

Thanks Marcus and Martina for a wonderful evening!

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