Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sweet Liam with his Sweet Nana... and then with Sweet Nell...

We had some sweetness going on today (Sunday, September 18)...
Liam's bib was so appropriate. He is SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!!!

Here he is getting even closer with his great grandmother...
Is that not beyond precious?!

And then later, Nell joined the sweetness...

We were celebrating Sam's 64th birthday. 
Yes, I think it was a sugar-overload - of sweetness. 

I took a picture of all of us before we ate,
but that picture didn't 'take' really.
(I need photography lessons.)
Here is the picture if you want to see it...
However faded that picture is, it gives you the 'feel' of the celebration.

Anyway, the main thing was that we got together.

And we 'FaceTimed' Ryan and Laura who are in Portland, OR.

Laura is 36 weeks pregnant.
She and Ryan texted this picture to us today...
Whoa. That's our little girl.

I better get my bags packed.

But for THIS week, I'm watching Liam most of tomorrow.

Do I like watching Liam?
You betcha!!!
Well, he has a good, humble attitude so far.
And he really likes hearing "The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round."

I can sing that.

It is a simple song...
but has become one of my favorite songs of all time.
(Funny what grandchildren do to ya.)

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Unknown said...

Tell Sam Happy Birthday! I had my 56th on the 12th�� Love you guys, so excited we get to share a Grandbaby! Margaret with Liam and Nell is precious! Tell her she looks awesome!

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