Monday, September 26, 2016

We're alive!... but I have an addiction.

Saturday night at around 8:00 Sam and I both shot of our bed!
I was going to say we 'jumped' out of our bed, but we were quicker than that.

We weren't asleep (we like to watch TV in the bedroom, no matter what sleep experts say).

We had been watching sportscasters killing time, as they/we were waiting to watch the Baylor/OSU game that had been delayed because of weather (lightning).
(Even I was excited to watch that game.)

THEN, we heard the loudest thunder clap in our lives.
It was so sudden! 
I think I am still reeling.

I think it might have looked like this, if I had seen it.
It felt as if it looked like that.

Our house alarm siren went off really loudly (understatement). 
The TV went blank (horrors).
Then we found out that we had no internet!!!
And no air conditioning.

We DID have electricity, thankfully.

And we didn't see any fire.

And we are alive! 

But we had to listen to the game off and on from Sam's iPhone.
I went to sleep, as the game didn't end until midnight.
Ah, but Baylor won!!

But I found out what true withdrawal feels like.
Well, I am making light of what I shouldn't make light of.

I know addiction is a serious thing.
And my addiction to the internet is not life-threatening.

And it was good for me to have to be 'off' for a while.

In all I was 'off' for not quite 2 days.
(That's pretty pathetic, having withdrawal less than just 2 days off.)

Now I'm 'on.'

And, of course, I have to blog about it.

And I am for sure telling myself I need to stay 'off' more often.
It IS good for me... to live like in the 'olden days.'

Ah, but tomorrow I WILL be able to post some trivia.


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