Monday, October 31, 2016

Fast and Curious...

... was our trip to Portland this weekend. (I'm still here as I type.)

I did go home a week ago Saturday, but had the chance to come back a week later, so I took it.

Long story short, Sam hadn't seen his new newest grandson, Ransom, and was absolutely 'chomping at the bit' to see him for himself and see just how adorable he was (is). Sam found us air miles (yay) we could use so we hopped on the plane and arrived Saturday morning.

(Vicki, I hugged Ransom super tight and told him his Nana and Pappy were coming soon!) 

Here are some pictures of the fast weekend...

This is what you (we) see out the front window.
Notice the single rose.

It had its own glory.

So now we are getting ready to head to the Portland airport, to fly home...
so we can hand out some treats tonight!
(Nell and Liam will be coming!)

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