Saturday, October 8, 2016

Random Loves ...

We all have RANDOM LOVES.

Here are some of mine...
Laura posted this picture on Facebook last week, with the caption (something like), "Akon, you'll always be my first born."
Laura and Ryan are due with their first child this coming week!!

Isn't that a special picture?

I love it.

Here's our grandson Liam today, the day after he had his second eye surgery...
Isn't he precious??


Here's another picture I love...
Those are my dear niece's children.
Elizabeth took that picture last week.
It shows (some of) what they're into:
That's Caroline with 'dance'...
Andrew with 'baseball'...
And Anna 'soccer'.

Isn't that a super picture??!!


Here's our oldest grandchild a few weeks ago...
She and I went to McDonald's for some ice cream,
and would you believe she went up on the highest part of the jungle gym??
(She won't be 3 until Nov. 11.)
(I never had the nerve to do that.)
(Well, let's just say I never had the nerve to really climb a tree,
which was what my generation was into (sometimes).


Oh, and here are 2 pics I took last month in Oklahoma City...
That's Mac and Sawyer.
They're both Carmacks.
Mac is our nephew and Sawyer is our great nephew.

They get along so well.

AND they can make faces when I tell them to 'make a face'...
Oh yeah.

They are fun together!!!

So those are some pictures of folks I love.

I thought about blogging about the presidential election,
but thought I'd take the high road... and NOT blog about it.

I can hardly think about it today (well, without raging),
so I'm focusing on who(m) I love. 

I'll close with this picture...
That's my husband, before we got together.
That's his cover picture on Facebook.
That picture was taken in the summer of 1974.
Here's what he wrote about it on FB...
"Atop Mt. Sinai where it is thought Moses received the Ten Commandments. Yes, that's me."

He was given that trip as his college graduation gift from his parents.
It was a 6 week archeological dig.

Isn't that a super picture??!!!

And then 4 years later he married ME!!!

I love my life.

Oh, I miss my twin terribly... and there has been other heartache...
but I do love my life,
and thank God for it. 

Oh yes.

I hope YOU focus on what you love today...
and not on what you don't.

That advice surely does help me.

Oh yes.


Unknown said...

Thanks Nancy! You always share such precious things and such simple truths that make big impacts if we choose to heed them. As always, I love your family and love how you share them with all of us.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Vicki, for that wonderful comment!

And SOON we'll be grandmothers together!!!!

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