Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's in a name?

As you may (or may not) know, I have a new grandson!

This picture was taken before we left the birthing center.
I'm on the left, then Ryan (my son-in-law) and Laura (daughter)...
with Ransom William Maxwell.

That gives you some statistics.

Here is he for his first car ride home...

Here he is home, with his older 'brother' and 'sister'...
Olive is on the far left, with Akon on the far right.
That was sweet family time.

So how did Baby Ransom get his name?

Well, his parents are avid readers of the works of the intellectual giant, C.S. Lewis.
You can click HERE to go to his website.
And you can click HERE to read his biography on that website.

In Lewis' The Space Trilogy, Dr. Elwin Ransom (who goes by 'Ransom') is the main character in the first two books,
and a major character in the third book.

Hence, Ransom Maxwell!!!

And I would say he is a handsome Ransom!!

Now that makes me think of my granddaughter Nell, whose parents are my son and his wife, Bailey Jo. Will and Bailey read a very good science fiction novel with the main character being named 'Nell'.
Hence 'Nell Carmack'.

My other grandchild is not named after a science fiction character.
He is Samuel Williams Carmack VII.
(Yes, he's the 7th!)
Hence Liam (WilLIAMs).

I will close with some interesting info about C.S. Lewis.
He was dear friends with J.R.R. Tolkien, of THE HOBBIT, LORD OF THE RINGS, etc., fame.

This past September this article was published about them (Lewis and Tolkien)...
"It's 85 Years Ago Today: J.R. Tolkien Convinces C.S. Lewis That Christ is the True Myth."
So now you know about Ransom.
And Nell.
And Liam.

I'm a happy Grammy.


Unknown said...

Much love Grammy!!!

Unknown said...

Great Blog as usual! Thanks for sharing your life it is always such a blessing to me especially now that we share a grandchild! Love you lots Nancy Carmack!

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