Thursday, December 1, 2016

I always have a White Christmas.

Today I'm changing my blog background to snow... because I always have a White Christmas!

 I grew up way down in South Texas, where when the temperature got to be 70 degrees we'd get out our coats. 'Course we just had light-weight coats.

Still, I always had a White Christmas.

My maiden name was (is) White,
AND my mother's maiden name was (is) White (Margaret White White).
So we always had a White Christmas.

Speaking of that, I'm starting to play Christmas carols in the tea room at LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX).
A favorite song of many folks (including me) is "White Christmas". I heard it today on Apple TV while Sam and I were decorating our house for Christmas, and I was amazed at how beautiful a very, VERY simple version of that can be.

Less is more, isn't it?

Don't try to wow folks with too much stuff.

Along that line I've quit going on holiday home tours.

I used to to go to Colleyville, TX holiday home tours.
If you know anything about Colleyville, TX you know that their home tours will make you (me) envious, jealous, and wanting to get home fast and completely redo what I've put up for Christmas.

The season can get ridiculous.

Well, I'm taking charge, and not putting out everything I have, and certainly not buying more stuff.
Well, our house is half as large as our previous house, so that's not hard to do (or not do).

Anyway, I've decided that on our new (but not expensive) (fake, but beautiful) Christmas tree that Sam picked out I will only put meaningful ornaments up on it. Yeah. No more fluff.

Oh. Wait. I might add some fluff.

Fluff stuff can be so fun.


Clearly I am enjoying this Christmas season.
Sometimes just thinking about the holidays stresses me out... but not today.

I have a new (but used) smaller house, and I have three grandchildren, plus my twin's three grandchildren, who fill me with delight.

It's good this year, Christmas.

And I am almost 65 years old.
I like that.

I can be who I want, do what I want, and well, I should have been almost 65 years old years ago.

Merry Christmas!!

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